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Setup HP Printer |


No matter whether you have a wired or wireless printer, the set up procedure for both types has been described in detail under this article.

How to Setup a wireless HP printer?

You can easily connect the wireless HP printer to a Wi-Fi network using WPS button. But for a WPS set up, you need to have a router with a WPS push button and a Wi-Fi network that uses WPS password. If you set up your wireless HP printer using WPS then there is no need to add the printer to the computer. To connect the printer to WPS, you just need to follow the steps below to Setup HP Printer.

  • Push the power button on your printer and then press the wireless button for 3 seconds till the wireless light starts blinking.
  • If you don’t have a wireless push button on your printer, then simply go to the printer’s control panel and open the wireless menu settings, there you need to select the option of Wireless protected setup and click on start.
  • Then push the WPS button on your router till the wireless light blinks. Now, wait for some time and your wireless HP printer will get connected to your Wi-Fi router.

But, if you don’t have a WPS supported wireless printer or router, then you need to manually enter the Wi-Fi password to connect your printer to your PC and then add your printer to your PC with

Setup HP Printer with

  • First, open the wireless settings menu on your printer then choose Wireless setup wizard from the network options, choose your network ID, enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • Once the printer is connected to a Wi-Fi router, visit on your browser and download the drivers.
  • Then download the HP smart app, follow the prompts and your printer set up is done.

Process to Setup a Wired HP printer

  • Insert the plug of the printer into a socket and push the power button.
  • Next, put the cartilage and load the paper tray with A4 size sheets
  • Then connect your HP printer to your PC with a USB cable and press the windows button on your PC
  • Select Devices and printers, tap the printer and scanner option and then click on add a new printer and scanner tab
  • Here you will find your HP printer. Click on add device option located below the printer.
  • Follow the prompts and your printer set up is done.