Microsoft accounts are quite popular across the world for their user-friendly services and features. They are also well-known as other names such as Hotmail or Outlook accounts. However, they are generally names as Outlook officially but they still are flagship accounts of Microsoft. Thus, calling them just the Microsoft accounts shouldn’t be the big deal. These accounts enable its users the accessibility to various types of services and features availed by Microsoft for example, Windows OS, Microsoft App store, Xbox among other services. Moreover, various other features such as well organized, automatic syncing with contacts and other data, offline email access, multiple ways for email lookup, are some of the unique features of and such accounts.

So are you stuck with password reset situation with your Microsoft account? Well, inability to access email accounts can really your mind messed up and when it comes to Microsoft accounts, you use multiple ways to reset Microsoft password account. If you are confused with the process then read this article further to know about the password recovery steps for your Microsoft email account.

Reset Microsoft Account Password With : Quick Method

The following methods will surely help you out with the reset Microsoft password account process on different platforms.

  • Use Recovery Webpage To Reset Microsoft Account Password
  • Use the Live.Com/acsr link to navigate to the password reset webpage in your web browser
  • Hit the “I forgot my password option” link and then select the Next button
  • Enter the username/email address of your Microsoft account and then do the CAPTCHA verification
  • Now select any reset option from Email Address or Phone Number and then get the account verification code from Microsoft. You can select the “I don’t have any of these” links to use the Security Question to reset Microsoft password account
  • Once you get the code, enter it in the given field on the password reset page
  • If you enter it right then you’ll be redirected to the password reset page where you’ll need to enter the new password twice
  • After entering the password twice, save the changes and get access to your Microsoft account
  • If you are unable to reset the Microsoft password account via using the phone number or recovery email address then use the security questions to reset the password.
  • Contact Technical Experts To Reset Account’s Password Recovery: Microsoft
  • Now if you are unable to use the link to reset your account’s password or you have any confusion with the aforementioned steps then you are strongly advised to get in touch with the tech experts at Microsoft. The professional techies will surely help you out with the password reset process on Microsoft without any hassle.

Moreover, you can also consult with the experts for further issues that might be responsible for your account passwords issue such as compatibility issues, account lockdown issues, inappropriate settings, and other major issues. Hence, connecting with experts to get help to reset Microsoft password account will only make you understand your account’s issues and you will also get assurance for not encountering any further problem for an unforeseen period.

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