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Resolve AirPlay not Working on iPhone or Mac Issue


AirPlay helps you to play any media content material from one Apple device and remotely move it to any other. For instance, if you have an iMac, you can start a movie on your iPhone and stream it to the big screen. Instead of showing content material, display screen mirroring indicates the entirely you do to your Mac, which is ideal for shows and collaborative work.

What to do if Apple AirPlay not working on iPhone

There are many reasons that AirPlay not working on iPhones. Here are some pointers, you may go through these pointers. We are 100% sure that it will help you nicely and you will be able to enjoy your Airplay on your iPhone.

  • Turn OFF your WiFi connection and turn it ON. It can be done within the Settings app or from Control Centre.
  • You can do it by putting your cellphone on airplane mode and making it normal again.
  • Check the IOS version on your phone and update it if you are using an older one.
  • Switch off your phone and make it ON again. Wait for some it and try to access Airplay on iPhone again.

What to do if Apple AirPlay not working on Mac

The most common and frequent reason for AirPlay not working is fluctuation in internet connection. That is the reason we recommend you to use a WIFI connection to run Airplay.

WiFi Explorer: You must have a strong network scanner. It will help you to find internet speed and other internet parameters. It is very important to have information associated with these parameters through which you can recognize the exact issues due to that you are unable to play Airplay.
Netspot: Netspot is one of the best network troubleshooting network app for Mac. It scans the WIFI networks. It also keeps you away from useless wifi spots.

Check your Firewall settings:

  • Go to System Preferences and open Security and Privacy
  • Open Firewall If your Firewall option is closed
  • Make sure that Block Incoming connections are not checked.
  • It automatically allows built-in software to receive incoming connection is checked.

Pointer and steps to access AirPlay on Apple Device

To access airplay on Apple devices it is required the same WiFi connection. In case your AirPlay is lagging or freezing for no reason, follow the steps:

  • Make sure your Apple devices are unlocked.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router and Apple gadgets.
  • Test that your devices are on the same WiFi network.
  • Update your devices to the brand new compatible model of macOS.
  • Check your firewall or parental restrictions if relevant.

After following the above steps for Resolve AirPlay not Working issue you may successfully access airplay on Mac.