American Airlines Cancellation Policy
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American Airlines Cancellation Policy

American Airlines is the best airlines which are based out of the United State covers the long distance in a short time. So many passengers prefer American airlines because of good facilities like comfortable seats, good environment, cleanness, delicious foods, etc. are provided by American airlines in affordable price. If you do not have any option of food then there is nothing to worry about because of American Airlines provides you the good foods/snacks in between your journey in the airbus. And extra facilities are also provided to the passengers for entertainment between their journey i.e Headphone, T.V, Wi-fi, etc.

According to American airlines website portal, If the passenger wants to change their plan or cancel the tickets depends on type of tickets they have purchased. American airlines do not give paper tickets, they give only (E-tickets) electronic tickets i.e. E-mail, message, etc.. You have to cancel the tickets either online or over the telephone. All airlines have a different cancellation policy. In other words, American airlines cancellation policy has a good policy for other airlines. Comparing with other airlines American airlines is the best in every field like facilities, services etc.

American airlines cancellation policy:

Potential Costs

According to American Airlines, if the passenger wants to cancel their ticket before three hours of flight schedule, they will lose the ticket value. As it is the same rule are applied to the nonrefundable ticket. You can change or cancel refundable tickets in online or airlines portal with no deduction charges. But if you take support to any agent or travel websites you might have to pay cancellation charges.


There are some exception to nonrefundable tickets may be refunded if the passenger proves that unexpectedly cancel their plan. Only big tragedy i.e. Death of an immediate family member is only the allowable reason, although serious illnesses might be accepted in American Airlines for cancellation or refund the value of tickets.


You can change your paper ticket to electronic ticket early in American airlines website portal. If you plan for traveling in American airlines through a travel agent you must be sure to cancel or change the ticket because some travel agent or travel booking website has different provision i.e. non-refundable or non-changeable

Expert Insight

According to American airlines, buy a refundable ticket if your flight plan might change. If airlines personally alter your plan or cancel a ticket first they will try to shift you another airbus. If there is not a possibility then they will refund or you will get your value of the ticket even in the case of nonrefundable.

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  1. last week I had to cancel my flight due to some reasons, this blog provided me ample information regarding American Airlines policy and some other information as well Thanks!!!

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