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Fixes To Resolve AOL Working On iPhone issue

iPhone users get trapped with the various AOL errors, and the AOL not working on iPhone is one of those. So let’s start and try to solve AOL that does not work on the iPhone issue with these simple methods below. Beginners:

There may be many reasons why AOL mail does not work. Therefore, below we correctly mentioned the main possible reasons behind AOL not working on iPhone Therefore, scroll down and check the information discussed below.

  • Bad internet connection leads to AOL not working on iPhone issue.
  • An obsolete version of AOL.
  • Incorrect username and password cause this problem

Ways to Resolve AOL Not Working On iPhone

These are some problems that lead to this issue here are some of the fixes to resolve it.

Update Network Settings

  • First, Open settings now click on the general settings.
  • Scroll the following page until you get the “Reset” option and click it.
  • Select the option “Reset Network Settings” and confirm your action.
  • Your network settings have been reset, now restart your iPhone.

Remove AOL your Account and Add It Back

Removing your Account and Adding It Back refresh your account, and you will be able to get new mail on all your devices quickly. Through these steps, you can remove and add your AOL account and log into your account again.

Steps To remove your AOL account

  • First, go to settings.
  • Now find Accounts and passwords option and open it.
  • From the list of accounts select the account which you want to remove.
  • As you locate AOL mail you will see the “Delete Account” option click on it.

Steps To add your AOL account

  • Go to settings.
  • Now go to accounts and passwords option
  • From the open list now select “Add Account” option.
  • Now sign in using your credentials.

Set Up 2-step Verification of AOL

Sometimes if you have not enabled the 2-step verification process for your AOL account, this may lead to the reason for AOL not working on iPhone

  • Visit the Account security page of the AOL mail on your device
  • Click on the option “Manage” and make sure that your 2-step verification process is turned on.
  • Select the Connect App option, select your iOS email application, and also select your iOS device.

Being unable to access your email account is certainly frustrating, but it also impedes their email users everywhere at any time. When you rely on your mobile email application for your service, it can be very frustrating if you do not receive or send any mail or even do not enter your mailbox. If you are experiencing AOl not working on iPhone issue then hope this article only fits your needs.If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to leave your opinion below.

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