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Troubleshoot Arris Router not Working Issue


Facing with poor connection or blinking connection with the modem is common with us and also you don’t know the reason and proper solution behind this problem. This blog will guide you on the proper solution to your internet connectivity issues with your modems. Nothing to worry about, just follow the instruction which describes simply and easily you can understand and apply the solution. There are some specific causes for Troubleshoot Arris Router not working on the Internet and we will share with you some possible solutions. Arris router has two methods that can use to reset their devices easily. The methods are discussed below:

Methods to Fix Arris Router not Working

Reset button reset

Firstly, you can search the Reset Button on your Arris modem which can be found on the backside of the device. If you have a facing problem with getting the button then you can get it online through a search of your model number. There is a diagram at maximum router manuals.

After getting the button you can press and hold that button for at least 15 seconds and you can use a pen or other tool to push the button.

Now you can wait for the reset finishing and it will take some minutes and you need to do it.

Hard Reset Arris Router

Firstly, try to verify by hard reset Arris Router as sometimes a simple step to restart the router fixes Arris Router not Working problem quickly. Follow these steps to hard reset the router.

  • Firstly, go to the power source, unplug your Arris router.
  • Next, wait for a few minutes once the electricity drain.
  • Then plug your Power Adapter back in.
  • Now turn ON your Arris router.
  • Once you have power cycled the router, verify for WIFI to fix its recent state.
  • In case, if that does not benefit, then proceed with the next solution.

Router web interface reset

You can also possibly reset the device using the web interface. Go to the login page and log in to your Arris router or modem. After that, you can see a section labeled utilities which can vary depending on your router model. Now you can select the option to factory reset the device for default settings. Lastly, wait a few minutes for the reset to complete. Above the methods, you can apply for the solution of the Arris modem. If you still face the problem of Arris Router not Working, you may contact customer care for getting a solution.

Improve Wireless Signal

Sometimes, Arris Router does not work when you are not receiving WIFI on your device because you are too far away from your Arris router.

Then make sure you are in the same room with your Arris modem or next to it and check if you are going to have WIFI now.

Factory Reset Arris Router

If nothing has worked until now and Arris Router not Working still, then you can try factory resetting your router.