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Unlock your AT&T Phone or Device with

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Whenever you purchase a phone or tablet with an ATT network from a third party, there are high chances that you receive a locked ATT phone or tablet. This causes great frustration as a locked phone is of no use and we just can’t switch to a new network without unlocking the phone. Hence if you need to unlock your ATT phone quickly, then you just land up at the right place!

An ATT phone is usually unlocked using a Remote unlock code that is unique and set according to the phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Number). But before initiating the unlock procedure, you need to ensure that you met the following requirements:

  • The phone has an ATT Sim Card or works on an ATT network as the phone from other carrier networks can’t be unlocked on ATT unlock the portal.
  • The phone was active on ATT for a minimum of 60 days in case of postpaid accounts and 6 months in case of a prepaid plan.
  • You must have an active and up-to-date ATT account.
  • Full payment for the device must be done if the phone was purchased in installments.
  • The ATT phone purchased from a third party should not be a lost or stolen device.
  • All the agreements or terms of the contract with the device are completed before unlocking otherwise the phone won’t be eligible to unlock.

Now, that you have fulfilled all the requirements of

Let’s jump straight to the steps to unlock an ATT phone!!

Unlock ATT Using

  • First, you need to visit on your web browser and tap on unlock your device option.
  • Here you need to fill out the three-step form under which you are required to enter your ATT phone number and IMEI number. To get your IMEI number, dial (*#06#) from your ATT phone and you will get a 16 digit IMEI number for your device.
  • Thereafter tick the check box of eligibility requirements, confirm that I am not a robot, and press Next
  • Then you need to type your ATT Pin number and submit the required ATT account information and send the unlock request in the last step.
  • After some time you will get an email from ATT containing the link to unlock the ATT device along with the ATT device unlock code. This may take some time.
  • If you didn’t receive the ATT email within 5 hours of placing a request, then you can request the link again by submitting your IMEI number again.
  • Then open this link, follow the prompts, enter the unlock code and your ATT device will be unlocked.
  • However, unlocking an ATT phone on ATT’S unlock portal can be a bit time-consuming, hence you can easily unlock an ATT device or phone for free by availing some third-party services as a third-party agent will respond to you instantly and help you unlock your ATT phone instantly.