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Fix Chromebook not Connecting to WiFi Issue

Chromebook not connecting

Sometimes, there may be chances that your Chromebook has issues with wireless connectivity. So, when your Chromebook not connecting to WIFI, and you face technical issues? Then you don’t need to worry. Several things can behind this issue. However, you can fix it simply just follow the below troubleshooting solutions.

Solutions for Chromebook not Connecting to WiFi

Solution 1: Verify Internet Connection

Try to verify that your Internet connection works fine on other devices, if yes it works correctly, then surely the problem has with your device and its WIFI adapter.

Solution 2: Check Your Router Location

Verify the router location is correct. Bring your Chromebook closer to the router.

Solution 3: Restart Router and Modem

If your router and modem are separate, then try to turn off your Chromebook, then turn off the modem, and turn off the router. Then wait for few minutes, so then start rebooting your devices. Now start with the modem, followed by the router, and then, lastly, your Chromebook.

Solution 4: Verify Chrome OS Settings

When Chromebook not connecting to WIFI, then verify Network setting. Then go to Chrome OS Settings section then Network, and then enable prefer this network. Change the name servers from your ISP’s default to Google’s servers, and

Solution 5: Disable Bluetooth

Go to the Chrome OS Settings section then tap the “Bluetooth” option and then disable Bluetooth. Then restart Chromebook.

Solution 6: Keep WIFI on During Sleep

Still, if you are having problems reconnecting to your WIFI after your Chromebook wakes from sleep, then try to fix this issue in the following way:

Go to the “Settings” section, then choose “Advanced” then pick the “Privacy & Security” section and then tap on the option “keep WIFI on during sleep” and enable that option.

Solution 7: Diagnostics Chrome Connectivity

Also, try to run the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics to help recognize the real problem of Chromebook not connecting to WIFI and fix it.