Delta Airlines Pet Policy
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Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Are you fond of animals?If yes, undoubtedly you are a proud pet owner! You are lucky enough when you are traveling with your best friends ‘pets are on the same flight’, no worries about them, so relaxing!Delta Airlines is the major American airline based in Atlanta and allows pets on flights.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines is always so co-operative with its passengers above of Delta encourage travel with pets that why it welcomes passengers small pets like small breed dogs, cats, and homely birds. Pets are kept in the cabin on many flights which are traveling within the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rica but unfair is that pets aren’t allowed on flights to Hawaii.

Pet Reservations is done the first-come service or first–serve base, because Delta Airlines is limiting the number of the total number of pets per flight, for example, two pets in first class, two in business class while four pets in the main cabin.

Delta Airlines permit pets to travel in-cabin and cargo also. If the pet is too large for cabin then it took in cargo. Animals in big size are transported via cargo that means without owners. The condition is the pets can be shipped if they are booked until 14 days before departure. Another condition is pets are not guaranteed to travel on the owner’s same flight or same day. The shipping an animal needs dropping it at a Delta Cargo place at least 3-4 hours prior to departure.

If you have any more enquires regarding pet policy or another issue, you can take help from Delta Airlines Customer Service that is well-known for its signature service and comfortable amenities. Known for its reliable services, Delta Airlines promotes customer priority first. Several passengers have given positive reviews about its services. You can book your pets via the customer support service team.

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