Eva Air Cancellation Policy

Flight booking cancellation is not a fun driven activity. It leads to a road of several obstructions. Some airlines have generous cancellation and refund policy, but in most of the cases, cancellations have quite strict rules. Cancelling a flight is not a eureka moment, sometimes it turns like a mess for flyers. Most airlines impose heavy cancellation charges and in few cases, they don’t even provide any refund for a cancelled flight. I would like to suggest you cancel a flight in a very extreme situation and always be well introduced with the flight cancellation policies.

So basically in this article, we will discuss Eva Air flight Cancellations policy. Eva Air gives flexibility to its customers to cancel a flight with a full or partial refund on the ticket fare.

Eva Air Cancellation Policy

  • The cancellation charge of Eva Air depends on the fare guidelines of airlines and varies according to the destination and booking class of flight.
  • There is no refund for Award tickets by Eva Air.
  • As the system doesn’t support for an Award ticket refund, you can contact EVA local ticketing offices for assistance for refund.
  • Eva Air provides you with an opportunity of a full refund if you have booked your ticket more prior to the departure date from their Eva Air website 168 or Eva reservation/ticketing office.
  • As well as ticket should be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If you have made payment via credit card the amount of refund will be credited to the original card that was used to purchase the booking.
  • And if you have done payment with direct debit- bank transfer, the airline will refund the exact amount to the same bank account that it was debited from.

Eva Air Refund policy

  • The refund with Eva is possible only when you have made the booking or transaction online i.e. from the official web page. Set up your ticket number and look out for the refund status.
  • To maintain the security status with interest, Eva carries the refund only if purchased at the time of booking.
  • In case the ticket is being booked from a particular travel agency or else a travel agent, you can directly get in touch with them by calling the agent.
  • In case of destination place from the USA, you are liable to have the entire amount as a refund even if it is framed of before week. The Eva airlines will have the full amount in his wallet.

Following are the above-noted cancellation and refund policy of Eva Air. Read the cancellation and refund policies clearly. For detailed information, you can connect with Eva Air’s helpline number and get in touch with Eva Air customer service team.

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