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Hardly, you will find someone saying that he or she doesn’t use Facebook. From staying in touch with family and friends across the globe to uploading what’s new happening in life, Facebook has given everyone a medium to share updates to all at once. Apart from uploading statuses, you can send messages, upload photos & videos, video chat or share memes on Facebook. Additionally, the social media platform offers a dedicated support team, available at Facebook Password Recovery Number, to give instant and real-time resolutions to queries.

If you have not started using FB yet and want to create a new Facebook account or ID, here we have mentioned the steps to be followed. In case, you are looking for a way to reset the Facebook account, we have given stepwise instructions for that as well. All you have to do is follow them, and you are all set.

How to create a new Facebook account?

A new Facebook profile can be created by following the given instructions:

  • Go to the Facebook homepage.
  • Select the “Create An Account” option.
  • Enter the essential details such as full name, email address, gender, phone number, and date of birth.
  • Upon completion, click on the “Sign Up” icon.
  • To complete the account creation procedure, you have to confirm your phone number and email address.
  • For this, click on the link sent by Facebook to your email ID or phone number. This will verify that your account is authentic.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, sign in to your new Facebook account and start looking for your friends.

In case, you come across any issue, without delay, talk to Facebook support experts at Facebook Password Recovery Number.

How to reset the password of the Facebook account?

If you have logged out of your Facebook account and want to reset the password, follow the given steps:

  • Open Facebook and look for Find Your Facebook Account page.
  • Enter all details of your account such as email address, mobile number, username, etc.
  • Click on the Search option.
  • When you’ll find your account, follow the prompts/instructions.

For the case, you are unable to gain access to your Facebook account, take help from the experts. You might need to recover your Facebook account. To do so, dial the given Facebook password recovery number to talk directly with a support executive. He or she will give you on-time instructions to recover your account.

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