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Verify Google Account Through

This can happen if someone has tried to gain access to your google account or it may be noticed some unusual activities with your account. in order to save your Gmail account some questions may be asked to prove the identity of the confirmation that this account belongs to you. there is a way to resolve the issue of google account recovery verify identity with the help of

To begin the process of verifying identity devices that use the way you have used earlier either a phone number or other ways at the time of the registration.

The easiest way You can use is the recovery phone number where you will get the code for

You might have been asked questions, you just have to answer them correctly, try not to skip take your best guess instead of careful about upper case and lower case letters while answering.

You have to make your phone is connected to the internet so if you are doing it through email you can easily get the prompts.

 Guide to Verify Google Account With

The Google verify account procedures are provided by the company with very simple steps. Every user has a number of techniques to recover their account i.e. user can recover their account through contact number, alternate email, as well as get recover by the security questions.

The process to Verify Google Account

  • First of all you need to go to the recovery page through a web browser or URL.
  • Then enter the user id of your Google account, click on the next option.
  • Then you need to enter the username of your Google account click on next.
  • They will ask you to enter your password, if you are not able to remember your password then click on the ‘I forgot my password option, which is appearing on below the password field.
  • After that Google will give you three options i.e. phone number, alternative email, to verify that you are not a robot or you should be the real user of this account which you are going to recover.
  • Now Google will ask you to enter the alternate email that, in this way, you may check the verification code.
  • When you have entered your email they will send the code to your mailbox which you have provided. Check the code and type the same code in the field.
  • The password creation page will open when you type the verification code and submit it.
  • When you reached the create your password page, you can see two password fields i.e. The first field show creat the new password, and in the next or second field, you need to enter the same password or re-enter the password to confirm.
  • In this way, you can successfully Verify your Google Account through Now with the new password, you can log in to your Google account.
  • Once you should confirm that Google is not preventing to from login into your account..