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Fix Google Drive Not Working


From time to time Google tries to give its users a more easy and effective platform to work. It has started many products and services that allow users to make their online work easier. Google Drive is one such application that is used as cloud storage by Google users. Google Drive helps users in syncing, sharing, and creating a backup for your photos files and documents.

Additionally, Google Drive is also used to manage files and folders on multiple devices for sharing these documents. Many times users face issues with Google Drive that says “Google Drive not working”. This issue can vary from user to user. There are a few other issues that occur while using Google Drive. These issues can be fixed by contacting the Google Customer Support team through the toll-free number.

How to fix Google Drive not working?

When you encounter issues of Google Drive Not Working then the situation can be frustrating. You need to immediately contact the Google Support team to get a resolution. Or if you are technically skilled you need to fix the issue on your own using the troubleshooting steps. Follow these instructions to fix the issue of Google Drive not working:

Check network connection:

If you are connected with a weak internet connection, Google Drive does not open due to poor network connectivity.

Check your internet connection and connect with a strong network.

If you are connected with a strong network and the issue remains as it is, try another method.

Reinstall Google Drive:

Sometimes Google Drive creates issues if it is installed in an improper manner.

Uninstall Google Drive and reinstall it. Then try using the Google Drive application.

If the issue remains as it is, follow the next step.

Restart the application:

Sometimes Google Drive stops working due to overload.

Thus try restarting the Google Drive application if you encounter the issue.

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