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How To Resolve Google Search Not Working Problem

Do you use Google to search for all kinds of content on the Internet? Then, in a short time, you can easily get search results. However, when you encounter difficulties when using Google, you will encounter many situations. There may be multiple reasons behind this problem. If you do n’t know how to solve the problem of Google search not working properly, please read this article and follow the steps below:

Reasons Why Google Search Not Working

Poor signal: If the user does not open the Internet or the Internet is not fast enough to enable Google to extract the results and display them to the user, Google ’s search function may not work properly.

Accumulation of cache storage: If user visits many websites on the same browser, due to the high compilation of cached data in the browser that may cause Google search not work properly.

Use an older browser or Google: If the user is not using a modern browser or is using an older version, this may lead to a bad experience with Google Search.

Restart the device: If above everything is normal there may be problem in the device, the issue can be resolved by restarting the device.

How To Fix Google Search Not Working On Chrome

Clear Cache Cookies and browsing history

  • First the user need to go to the browser “Settings”.    
  • Then the users need to go to “Privacy” now you need to scroll down to the bottom and then click on “ advanced ”.
  • After that tap on “Clear browsing data”.       
  • At the end user needs to check-mark all the four listed checkbox.
  • Browsing history , Clear downloaded history, Cookies and other site Data, Cached images and Files.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Open your Chrome and then click on menu > Settings from the drop down.
  • From the bottom side of your browser click on advanced > Reset settings.
  • Click on Reset Settings again to verify the action to restore your Chrome’s settings to default.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome If not so Please update your web browser if you are using an older version.

The user must install all latest Windows updates on their device. Generally, issues such as Google Chrome not responding to Windows 10 are due to missing updates this can resolve the issue.

There should be a good antivirus installed on your device in some cases Google Search stopped working on chrome due to this reason too.

How To Fix Google Search Not Working in iPhone?

  • From Google App Store Check the latest version of Google application.
  • You have to be sure that your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is ON
  • Once Reset your iPhone and try to access Google once again.
  • Press the home button two times and then swipe the Google up and then press home button one time this is how you can quit the google to resolve the issue.

For Sure this will resolve the issue of Google Search not working issue Still have an issue try Google Help.

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