block someone on Yahoo mail app on iPhone
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How to block someone on Yahoo mail app on iPhone?

In recent years, spamming has been increased at the same pace as the world is taken a turn towards digitalization. When the situation becomes out of control, blocking the spammers is the last option left. If you are a Yahoo account holder and want to block someone via Yahoo mail application on an iPhone, take Yahoo Mail Support for immediate resolution. For the case, you are interested in resolving the issue on your own, there are only a few steps need to be followed.

Steps to block someone on Yahoo Mail app on iPhone

As mentioned, taking Yahoo Mail Support is the best option that one could go for otherwise, he has to follow the mentioned steps:

  • To block an unwanted sender, open your yahoo email account on your iPhone.
  • Open any email sent by the spammer and copy his email address.
  • Now, go to Yahoo Mail settings, and come down to Blocked Addresses option.
  • Paste the email address of the spammer in the Add an Address box.
  • Tap on the block and you are all set.

The blocked user will not receive any notification that he has been blocked. From now time on-wards, you will not receive any email from the blocked email address.

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  1. Hey, From very long time, I want to block some of my relatives from my yahoo..thanks for the steps..Now I’ll block them easily.

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