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How to Reset a Pogo Account Password

Pogo is basically the one account that you can simply use in order to handle all the services by EA and EA network accounts. This is one official common account that will let you use all the services by EA like the sites of EA along with their games and services. Initially, they provide you the screen name and the password with the help of which you can easily use that account. But then after that, they will give you the email address as well as the password once you update to your new account. So when you start using the email address and the password then there may come a situation where you may like to change the password of the pogo account.

In this case, you have to simply follow the below-written steps:

  • The first and the foremost thing that you have to do is to visit the official site of the pogo account.
  • And there you have to sign in to your pogo account with the help of the email address as well as the password.
  • Once you reach there then you simply have to go to the Forgot your password or screen name page.
  • As you tap there, you will get a password reset link on your mail ID.
  • So you just have to copy the link, here the text in blue that starts with https is the link, simply copy that.
  • After that, you simply have to paste this link in one of the windows on your favorite browser.
  • And then as you press enter on that link you will be taken to the page where you can simply set a brand new secured password for your pogo account.
  • As you set this passoword then you can simply use that password to login to your account.

Now when you feel that you have successfully changed the password then you can log in to your pogo account and can use it glitch-free. But sometimes there may be the possibility that the link that you have pasted in the browser may not work or you may not even receive that link. In cases like these, you did not have to panic at all since you can always get the help of the people of the company to get issues like this resolved and that too in just no time. So if you have any trouble in following the steps to Reset pogo password then you can simply call on the toll-free number provided by the techies of this company. As you dial this number, they will listen to your issue and then will also tell you the exact steps that you have to follow in order to resolve the issue. Just in case you did not get help from there then you can also seek help by emailing your issue to the concerned team of their company. They will definitely hear your issue in detail and will revert you back on the same mail and that too in just no time.

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