iPhone-face-ID -not-working

Apple is one of the most famous mobile phone brands in the world. Apple is known for its design and groundbreaking technology. Recently Apple has launched Face ID facility with iPhone X and instantly become very famous. However, iPhone Face ID Not Working issue in iPhone is a very common problem and faced by many users. So hat we can do to fix iPhone Face ID Not Working Issue.

Well even if you are a technical expert, there are some troubleshoots, which you can follow to fix the issue. Here we are going to discuss those troubleshoots step by step

Troubleshoots to Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working Issue

  • The first thing you must try to fix the issue by restarting your iPhone. It may resolve any bug issue in the phone
  • Sometimes the face ID issue may arise due to outdated iOS versions. So make sure you have updated your iPhone with the latest version of iOS. You can do it by going to Setting, then General and then Software update. Updating to the latest version may fix the issue of Face ID
  • Check the phone camera if the lens is obscured by anything. Clean the area properly, and then try to use the feature. Also, make sure you are using the Face ID feature by properly placing to phone before your face
  • Sometimes there may be an issue with Face ID settings. Check if you enabled the feature on your phone. You can do it by going to Settings and then Face ID & Passcode. You should also turn on all the sections there
  • If the Face ID feature is still not working you can set up a new ID and then use the feature. Many times the issue gets resolved by creating a new profile.
  • If creating a new profile is also not able to fix the problem, you should clear out everything and start again. These will clear your all-previous setting and go default status.

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