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Fix your Outlook Emails not Showing Up Issue


Outlook, a free email service, is called by personal information manager software from Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite and also includes functions such as task managing, calendaring, contact managing, web browsing, journal logging, and note-taking, etc. It allows you to send and receive email messages, manage your calendar, track your tasks, and store the names or numbers of your contacts. Outlook has combined hot mail and Windows live into a one-email service. Owing to technical difficulties, the users face the problem related to Outlook emails not showing up emails because is the unstable or poor internet connectivity. Sometimes, you may not be able to see all the emails due to various other reasons. Below, we have mentioned some of the possible reasons that can cause this kind of problem and fixes to resolve the issue.

Reasons Behind Outlook Emails not Showing Up

1. Are there misconfigured Cache Settings?

It is easy to download from the live mailbox to the local device if you are using the IMAP or MAPI on your email account. Outlook stops your emails for one year. If you are searching for emails one year older then you have to change the settings.

2. Is there any oversized PST file?

When OST and PST files have a preconfigured limit of 50 GB, if data files are close to this limit or out of the limit then you may face difficulties in receiving new emails. Now you can resolve the issue, you need to reduce the size of the Outlook data file.

3. Is there dependency in the View setting?

Outlook emails not showing up, may arise the default view setting problem such as for instance, sorting settings, filters issue, etc. when hiding certain emails into default view then you can reset the view settings to solve the issue.