Permanently Delete Facebook Account

If you want to go for online social distancing so delete Facebook account because Facebook is the main part of the social media but sometimes, users Facebook lots of personal and technical difficulties to operate Facebook and then they want to search Permanently delete Facebook account so if you one of them and want to immediately delete the Facebook account so just follow the below-given steps:

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account on PC?

  • Go to the Facebook page & login via phone & email with the password.
  • Click on the “Arrow” symbol. (Situated in upper right hand)
  • Click on “Settings” from the list.
  • Now, click the “Your Facebook information” link.
  • After then choose the option of “Delete your account and information” and click on the “view” button.
  • If you want to download your information so before deleting just click on “Download info” otherwise, skip.
  • And click on the “Delete Account” button.
  • Finally, enter your password & again press the “Delete Account” option.

Accordingly, users can easily Permanently delete Facebook account through the mentioned steps but also, they can make another new account after deleting an account with another new email id or phone number.

Steps for Permanently Delete Facebook Account on Android phone:

  • Login your Facebook account or open.
  • Now, click on three “horizontal lines” (Situated in the upper right corner)
  • Scroll down and click on the “Settings & Privacy” option.
  • Now, click on “Settings”.
  • Again, scroll down & tap to the “Account ownership and control” option.
  • Select the option of “Deactivation and deletion” from the list.
  • Click on the “Delete account” option.
  • Now, hit on the “Continue to Account Deletion” button.
  • Click on the “Download info” tab. (If you want to back your account photos & videos)
  • Now, finally, click on the “Delete Account” button.
  • After then, enter your password on the box.
  • Now, the Facebook account has successfully deleted.

Therefore, users can simply Permanently delete Facebook account through the above-presented steps. if you don’t want to delete so you can select deactivate option where you can deactivate your account for some days and after that, you can access your account.

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account on iPhone?

  • Open the Facebook account on your iPhone.
  • Just press the Three Horizontal lines (Situated in the below right-hand corner)
  • Now, click on the “Setting & Privacy” option and then click on the “Settings” option from the list.
  • After then, click on the “Delete Your Account & Information” option.
  • Now, click on the “Delete Account” button.
  • Enter your Facebook password for security reasons.

Thus, this is the fastest and shortest way to Permanently delete Facebook account in iPhone and before, deleting the Facebook account, users can also take the backup of messages, photos, video, etc. via download the information button.

That’s all,

Here you will get various methods to Permanently delete Facebook account with different- different devices and Facebook is a highly sensitive social media platform once you delete your account after then you can never open that account so before deleting the account you have to follow all the instructions.

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