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How to Fix PlayStation 5 not Working Issue


The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a home video game console. The user may face some issues with this PlayStation 5 which is very frustrating. Sometimes it won’t turn on, or maybe any other issue. Here are some reasons why the gadget. If any user of PS 5 faces an issue with the console like it won’t turn on at all, the console crashes or freezes while playing or turns off or the console loses power shortly after turning it on. Then he/she may go through the PlayStation 5 troubleshooting procedure for resolving the issues they are facing with.

  1. PlayStation 5 system software issue
  2. PlayStation 5 power supply issue
  3. PlayStation 5 side console is dirty
  4. PlayStation 5 network connectivity issues
  5. PlayStation 5 internal hardware issues

Troubleshooting Instructions to Resolve PlayStation 5 not Working

Correct software issue

If any user faces issues with their PS 5 related to the system software, then download the latest device driver from the authorized website and install the software manually which may fix the issue.

Correct the power supply problem

If there is any power supply issue in the console, then fix the issue likely, first disconnect the power supply and wait for 20 seconds then again connect to the power source. If your PlayStation 5 not working, please change the power supply cable, try to use another power supply coble like IEC C7, or can change the power supply cords there might be also a problem with the power cord.

Clean dust from the console

If there is any Dust inside the console which can harm the console and also cause of heating and dysfunction of other hardware of the console which results in dysfunction of the PS 5. So, use compressed air for cleaning the console.

Go for factory reset

If any user of PS 5 doesn’t care about the saved game, can go through the factory reset, where that all data of the game will delete and the console setting will change by the new one.

Check your network connection

Sometimes there may be a network connectivity issue for the disfunction of the PS 5. So, double-check the internet connectivity. Take the console near to the Wi-fi router or also check the internet connection plan.

Is there any hardware issue?

If any user of PS 5 goes through the above mention procedure but faces the same issue, with the console then go to the nearest Sony PlayStation for a consultation and fix the issue with PS5.

Reboot the console

At first, the user of PS 5 needs to reboot the console. Restarting can clear the all-minor issue, i.e., PlayStation 5 not working. Open the PlayStation main menu and select the power bottom and choose the option restart. The console will completely switch off and then restart. The user also can use the PlayStation power button which is in the front of the console. Hold down the power bottom for 15 seconds then wait for a few seconds and then switch on the console again.