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Republic Airways Cancellation Policy

Republic Airways – it is the regional airline which is the subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, the airline provides service as American Eagle, Delta connection and United Express. The airline has its headquarter located at Indianapolis, Indiana and the airlines have frequent flyer program Advantage. One can get the flight reserved online and by also calling the reservation number of the airlines

Republic Airways Cancellation Policy

One should be aware of the cancellation policy if need be then one can go ahead and cancel the flight and the policy is laid as below

  • In case of the cancellation of the flight, one has to ensure that it is done within 24 hours from the booking time and one will not be asked to pay extra
  • If the cancellation takes after the 24 hours, one will be required to pay the extra fee
  • In the case of a refundable ticket, one will get the refund in the same mode through which the ticket was booked

In case of non – refundable ticket, however, if some refund is expected will be given in the form of credit and the same can be used for a future booking with the airlines

In case the flight is booked using the award ticket– In this case, one will get the complete refund if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours from the time of booking when it was initiated

Republic Airways Refund Policy

when the ticket is canceled, in this case, the individual will expect the refund and one will have the clear view how the refund will be credit only if one is familiar with the policy and the same, is laid right below

  • If the cancellation has been done keeping in mind the time frame, one is eligible for the complete refund
  • If the cancellation happens after the stimulated time frame a part of the amount will be deducted as a part of a cancellation charge
  • In case of non- refundable ticket, the refund will be given in the form of a voucher, if it is eligible for any sort of refund
  • In case of award ticket also the refund be will be provided

Republic Airways Customer Service – this is the point where the one will get the answers for all the concerns and the agent will ensure that all the concerns are dealt aptly.