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Sbcglobal Email Settings IMAP or SMTP


SBCGlobal is the most common email service owned by millions of customers across the globe. Earlier it was in acquisition with AT & T this is the reason it has become the first choice of the customers. They are using this email account for business and personal usages. A user-friendly and secure interface has made it more popular among users. In spite of fantastic performance, SBCGlobal customers are stuck with many issues such as sign up, sign in, deleting emails, retrieving trashed emails, and many more. But the most common is performing SBCGlobal settings.

It is very easy to perform settings and you can find steps to perform it on SBCGlobal’s official website. After doing settings, you will be able to send and receive emails. Earlier SBCGlobal email users were using old domain extensions but after making settings the emails can be retrieved successfully. Before performing the settings steps, we would like to recommend you connect with your internet service provider to get outgoing and incoming server details. To perform Sbcglobal Email Setting, you need to follow few steps.

Process for Sbcglobal Email Settings

  • Click the Tool menu on the main Outlook toolbar
  • Select Account Settings. It redirects you to a new window showing current accounts.
  • Click the New button in the account lists section.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP from the selection menu.
  • A new window will open to configure account settings.
  • Check the box labeled Manual configuration server settings
  • Click the Next button.
  • Select Email Account from which you retrieve messages.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Enter PoP settings for Incoming emails.
  • Enter STMP settings for Outgoing Server.
  • Enter your name in the respective field that you want to be displayed at the recipient end.
  • Enter SBCGlobal account and associated password in respective fields.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Check box to authenticate settings of receiving emails by entering email account and password again in respective fields.
  • Open the Advanced tab.
  • You are requested to enter 995 for the incoming servers in respective fields.
  • Enter 465 in the respective field for the SMTP server.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Click Test for checking connectivity to the server.
  • Click Finish to close the setting window.

After following the above-discussed steps, you can easily configure SBCGlobal account settings. If your settings have not performed successfully and getting an error message, then you are requested to connect with the SBCGlobal helpline number They will listen to the problems you are facing, analyze them, and come with the best possible solution. You can contact them anytime from anywhere by dialing SBCGlobal toll-free number.