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How to Setup or Connect HP Printer with WPS (Setup Guide)

Presently, due to extreme progression in technology, everything is unduly easy to discover. Furthermore, one can print one’s articles from printers easily through a wireless connection using WPS. WPS stands for ‘Wi-Fi-Protected Setup’ and with the help of it, one can connect two or more devices with seldom any physical cord. WPS pin of the printer is needed to create a connection between a computer and an HP printer. In case you cannot find it, no worries, we are here to help. First, let’s know what a WPS pin is! Well, it is sort of a distinct code of eight digits that enables the connectivity of two or more devices. With this new method, one can print one’s documents no matter whichever corner of the room the printer is kept. Check out how to connect HP printer with WPS pin.

Methods to Connect HP Printer with WPS

Connecting HP printer (without screen) via a WPS push button:

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Place your printer near the computer.
  • Now hunt for the wireless switch on your printer.
  • Press the button for a few moments until an LED flash blinks, implying that the printer is ready to secure itself.
  • Next step is to look for the WPS button on your router and to turn it on by pressing the button for a few seconds.
  • You will see the lights on both the router and your printer blink for around 2-3 minutes and then it stops indicating that your HP printer is now secured with your device.

Connecting HP printer (with touchscreen control panel) via a WPS pin

  • Position the printer within the span of the Wi-Fi router signal.
  • Turn on the WPS connection mode.
  • Start the process by opening the HP Printers control panel and then press the wireless button in order to move to the Settings option.
  • Once done then users can simply click on the Network setup and then they can Access the ‘Wireless Settings menu and select ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’
  • And then from there they can simply follow the on-screen instructions available onto the screen. Once the users would be prompted then they can simply do is tap on PIN.
  • Users can now wait until their setup has been completed and once the same has been completed then users can simply go to All Programs and then from there, they can simply open HP folder of the Printer.
  • Users would now be required to go to the option named as Printer Setup and Software and then from there they can simply choose the option named as Connect New Printer.
  • Users can now quickly and efficiently install their Network Printer Driver and doing which the WPS Pin for HP Printer would now be available on the printer LED screen. Now the printer is successfully linked to the network.

In case the blue bar is still flashing, shift the printer closer to the router and repeat the above-mentioned steps after restarting the printer. In an HP printer, the WPS pin can be solely generated from the control panel. The WPS push button can be used to connect with the router — in case, the printer does not have a screen. You can, however, contact the after-sales support professionals for any assistance related to find WPS pin on HP printer.