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Trouble signing in Google Account | Google Help


Are you facing trouble signing in  Google account? Are you scared of the reasons or terrified of the solution? Relax, every user has faced this problem at least once. So instead of panicking or running for help, why don’t you try to find the source of the issue on your own?

Confused how?

Not a problem. You have come to the right place to achieve all the answers to your questions. Listed below are the reasons along with their solutions when you face trouble signing in Google account.

Major Causes of Trouble Signing in  Google Account and their Quick Fixes

Every day number of people face trouble signing in Google account and ask for its solutions. So today we have decided to present you an article about Google sign-in issues and how to resolve them.

So, if you are facing trouble signing in Google account, read the following instructions.

ISSUE: You forgot your password

This is the most common reason for trouble signing in google account. So check whether you have put the correct password.

SOLUTION: To reset your password

These are the steps to recover your google account

  • Confirm if it’s your account by answering a few questions and try not to skip any questions. If you’re not sure of any answer try the best guess before moving to the next question.
  • When asked for the last password, enter the most recent one you remember in case you don’t recall your last password.
  • Enter your best guess if you can’t recall any previous passwords.
  • Reset your password. Choose a strong password that you haven’t used with this account.

ISSUE: In case you forgot your username or email address

This is again one of the most common reasons that can be a reason for trouble signing in Google account.

SOLUTION: To find your Google account username

Firstly identify your account following the given steps. You’ll need to know:

  • The full name on your account.
  • A phone number or the recovery email address for the account.

Next are the steps to confirm that it’s your account

  • If you have entered a phone number then enter the code sent to that phone.
  • If you have entered a recovery email address then enter the code from the email.

There will be a list of usernames that match.

If you still don’t find your username

  • You can try other phone numbers or recovery email addresses you might have used.
  • There would have been a typo when you created your account.

ISSUE: If you can’t sign in using a third-party app

So if you are facing trouble signing in Google account from a third-party app then you may be blocked from signing in to your Google account with some services or programs.

SOLUTION: Tips to resolve this issue

  • Use a trusted commonly used device and location.
  • Update the latest version of your app.

Try the above-mentioned ways when trouble signing in Google Account.