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Verizon Hotspot not Working | Responding


These days everyone knows how important is to stay connected with the Hotspot feature on your phone, mac/laptop. Verizon Wireless Network connection supports all types of devices to access the internet. Most users don’t face any issues with using hotspots however there are some factors that can create trouble while using Verizon hotspot which results in to halt or hamper your work and it is frustrating as well. Troubleshooting a hotspot with no internet or if your Verizon hotspot not working find the panoramic view of the guide to coup with this problem

Troubleshooting Verizon Hotspot not Working

Just Restarting and reboot can able to resolved hotspot not working issue lots of time but it is fruitful only if your mobile hotspot has worked for you in the past, Let’s check the manual procedure to restart

A soft reset is the same as that of resetting your computer and it is the very step of troubleshooting.
Start with Pressing and holding the Power button until the Power Off menu appears, remove then re-insert the battery if you are not able to do it by simply pressing the power button. To do so detach the cover carefully by Using the notch provided on the edge.


Note: If this does not work check your DSL hardware.

If still not getting workable internet let’s find some other ways and start from scratch.

Verify your WiFi password and some other settings

Sometimes the wrong information can be cached or the settings can become corrupted, leading to connection issues.

Head towards your WiFi settings and delete the existing profile of your hotspot and make the new one simply setting up a new profile prove to be an easier fix.

Hardware issue

If those above things work then might be a chance of hardware issues Subsequently, the hardware issue can be resolved at the Verizon store However you can replace it in case the warranty is available.

Check Software Updates

It is necessary to update the software for specification under control. Pending software updates sometimes cause Verizon Hotspot Not Working’ issues, Unupdated devices can hamper hotspot work. To resolve the issue, try to check whether your device is showing software updates, Now update them and restart the device.

Connectivity Issues

Go to the display the menu by navigating: Settings > Wi-Fi, With the help of navigation arrows now checkmark to select. now find the Admin Web Interface Jetpack Settings > Wi-Fi then click 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.


At display, more options tap on the blue arrow


You can adjust the Wi-Fi channel according to your desire (The recommended Auto which is the default), Now Click on Save.

On the back of the router make sure that the plug into the white Ethernet/WAN port to the cable coming from the source now Check whether the router’s WAN light is on or not. Make sure that devices like TVs, computers, gaming systems, etc. are connected to the router should be plugged into the yellow LAN.

If all the provided fixes fail then try to Restore Settings to Factory Defaults.

Restore Settings to Factory Defaults

For factory reset Press the Power button from the top and Select Settings, With navigation arrows now checkmark and Select Factory, Reset after that select yes from the prompted to confirm.

This guide will definitely resolve Verizon Hotspot not Working issue. However, you can contact the Verizon helpline number for further assistance.