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There are numerous email services that are available in the market. But the one email service that has gained rapid momentum in the recent past is the AOL email. It has got to offer all the services and features which makes the user enlightened and be able to stick with it and not switch to some other email services. The best part of this email service is that it brings about updates at regular intervals so that the users can enjoy the latest services all the time and get the maximum from their email account. But in the recent past, there have been complaints that users have been facing password-related issues for quite a long as a result of which their productivity is getting hampered. Such users can simply use the service of AOL account recovery and get the maximum out of it and resolve all sorts of redundancies in a very short span of time. Let us now try to understand the manual procedure to get such issues and queries resolved.

Some people may face issues when they forget their password of the account and also can’t access the recovery phone number. In these circumstances, here are some simple steps to recover AOL account without phone number.

AOL Account Recovery Process

  • First of all, the user needs to visit the AOL official website.
  • After that go to the log-in option from the upper right corner of the website.
  • Now on this step, the user of the account needs to enter the email address or user’s name of AOL account followed by entering the tap ‘forget password’ and click on the tap ‘next’
  • Now on the next step, the user needs to select the option for AOL account recovery with ‘the recovery email’
  • Here in this step, the service provider will send a verification code to the recovery email which the user needs to enter in the box and click on the tap next.
  • Now the user can Recover AOL account password with a new one and strong password.

Similarly, any AOL user can do AOL Account Recovery using the security questions which he/she selects at the time of account creation. The user simply selects the option that they want to recover aol password with security question. After that, the service provider will ask the question, by providing the correct answer the user can recover the account.

How to Change/Reset AOL Account Password?

In case the users are technically fit and are looking for AOL account recovery on their own then this section of the tutorial will guide them with the same. Users can simply do is read the same in an effective manner and then they can be certain enough to get the desired solution to reset AOL account password in one go.

Steps to reset AOL account password:

Step 1: Users can start the process by signing in to their account with their account username and password in a browser of their choice.

Step 2: Once that has been done the users can provide answers to the security questions which they must have set at the time of creating the account.

Step 3: Users can next move on to the General account information section and then from there they can click on Change your password.

Step 4: Finally users can do is enter the old password of their account and then enter and confirm a new password for their account.

Users can now log in to their account with their newly created password and enjoy uninterrupted services of the email account.

AOL Account Recovery Not Working

Sometimes, our AOL password doesn’t work on a new system, or AOL Account recovery not working! Where to start and why it is so? First of all, users have to identify the major reasons behind the failure. This can be taken as the user forgot his AOL account password at first analysis. But, it can be false so, we are telling about the main cause is users cannot find their email because of incorrect settings from a third-party email client, for example, Outlook or another Mail App on their mobile.  Now, we move ahead with another possibility which causes for inability to work are bright chances of removal of certain emails from AOL Server.

 Yes, you are in trouble when your AOL Account recovery not working and unable to resolve your issue.

  • Maybe you unaware of what are major causes are for ‘why AOL Account is recovery not working?’Prior to fixes, we must learn the sources of this kind of technical error.
  • Cookies and catches in searching lead to the hanging or freezing of software.
  • Might be the version AOL in the device is improperly installed or the possibility of corrupted software can be a reason.
  • Actually, Firewall or other anti-viruses are runs on systemic rules & regulations, but it is a chance of these creates issues in accessing AOL.
  • A Virus in your system is a big threat to data and software.
  • Improper internet connection is the crucial factor AOL not working problem.
  • Not upgrading the versions of software and browser is a potential cause of this issue.
  • Unnecessary plug-ins and add-ins hamper the working of AOL.
  • Less RAM memory space and overuses of RAM become an obstacle in the path of loading of the AOL mail account.
  • Last but not least, an incomplete configuring the setting of AOL Desktop is a hindrance to not working.
  • Hence, initially, you have to tackle these causes then go ahead to the AOL recovery page.

But, in order when you fail to recall your password and are unable to access the AOL account then you must head to AOL Recovery Page:

  •  In order to work smartly, try another browser engine to move to the official page of AOL Password Recovery.
  • When you land on the homepage, and then it will be a prompt for you to verify the ownership of the AOL account.
  • For verification and ownership of the AOL Account, there is a requirement of, your mobile number, next you have to provide that mobile number that is registered by the AOL account.
  • To continue hit on ‘Next’ and thereafter you receive help through   ‘AOL Help’ by sending you a message that contains your verification code.
  • Now, you are asked to enter the code.

How to Reactivate an Inactive AOL Account?

Sometimes you have created your account but left it useless. Afterward, during the need of an email account, they try to log in to their account but due to inactivity for a long time, the AOL account gets deactivated.

Steps To Reactivate AOL Account

Thus to use the services of your AOL account, you need to reactivate AOL account by following the below steps:

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Go to AOL mail and visit the login page.
  • Enter your AOL account id and click the Next button.
  • Enter the “Password” for your AOL account and click on “Sign In”.
  • Once the email id and password are verified, you are successfully logged in to your AOL account.

Why did AOL Account Get Deactivated?

There are certain reasons for your AOL account getting deactivated. However, you can reactivate your deactivated AOL account by using few methods explained below but here are the reasons why your AOL account gets deactivated. Inactivity of your AOL account for a long time results in the deactivation of your account.

  • You have requested to delete your AOL account.
  • You have not shown any activity or you have not logged in to your AOL account for the last 90 days.
  • You might have violated any terms and conditions of AOL.
  • AOL Account Recovery process is completed now you can use it to send and receive emails.

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