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Is your printer has stopped working? Is it giving blank pages as output or getting a missing black print? Don’t worry! These are the most common issues experienced by professionals who are using HP printers. If you are one of those customers and facing printing problems in your HP printer then contact an authentic HP printer support team to get the best solution.

There may be several reasons behind that, some of those are as follow:

Step 1: Not using an authentic cartridge in an HP printer

Step 2: The Printhead may not be clean

Step 3: Deficiency of ink level

Here, we are suggesting the proper solution for the blank printing problem of the HP printer.

Not using an authentic cartridge in an HP printer

It is recommended to use a genuine cartridge in the printer. If you are using any other cartridge then it may possible that the other components of the HP printer may not respond to the cartridge. So it is required to use an only genuine cartridge which is recommended by the company for a particular model to avoid ridiculous problems.

Deficiency of ink level

There are several points behind that. To resolve ink deficiency issues, follow the steps:

Step 1: Examine the required ink level in the cartridge

Step 2: If any low ink or empty cartridge is there then replace it immediately.

Step 3: Check alignment of the printer, if it is not proper then align it properly

Step 4: The Printhead may not be clean

If your printer is giving blank pages then it may be possible due to clogging of the printhead. So, first, clean it properly and try to print again. After following the above-discussed checklists and still you are facing the same problem then call on HP printer support number. The good experienced and technically sound people are waiting to resolve your issues.

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  1. I was very upset when my printer didn’t print properly..i was facing same issue.I read your blog & check all the mentioned reasons..I found problem & now my printer work good.

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