Yahoo Account Recovery

Here are the simple steps of Yahoo Account recovery without security question, users should adopt this process.

  • First you visit website through the web browser.
  • Then you click on the Yahoo sign-in helper.
  • After this enter Yahoo login id and then you may click on the continue option.
  • The option will appear on the screen that will send the verification code on the mobile number provided during the registration of the Yahoo account.
  • Then you select the option stating ‘text me the code and click on continue’.
  • Account the key will be sent on the mobile phone number through SMS.
  • You just needs to enter the code sent to the mobile in the box provided there and then you may click on the verify button.
  • Once the process of verification of the codes get completed, then the webpage is displayed where the user can reset the password easily.

That’s all about how to recover Yahoo account without security question. The above steps will help the users to know how to recover the Yahoo account.

Yahoo Password Reset without using Phone Number

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The Yahoo password recovery can be done in three ways. First, the user can provide an alternate email address, where the notification can be sent. Second is to answer the security question and the third one is to receive a temporary password also called OTP or one-time password.

Here a step by step guide is presented for Yahoo account recovery without phone number

  • Open the login page of, User can also open the sign-in page of Both are one and the same thing.
  • Click on the link, “Forgot Password? “
  • The page will ask you to enter the Yahoo email id. Click “next “.
  • On the next page, select the recovery email option to receive the verification mail and again click “next “.
  • Follow the instructions according to the chosen way.
  • Check the Verification link or code and reset the password.

If the user has opted for OTP, then he has to change the password just after login. This can be done by going at the Settings and then go to “Change Password “. This should be done as soon as possible as the OTP duration is very short. If the user wants to answer the security question then the answer should be correct.

You also, get help through the technical expert:

The technical experts of Yahoo is well qualified and they have a lot of experience in solving the problems faced by the users. You may contact the technical experts at any time whenever they face any issue or the users get in some trouble. The experts will listen to their queries and provide an immediate solution for the same.

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