In the epoch of digital trends, we are surrounded by numerous technical tools. These gadgets and technical equipment have sorted our lives a lot, and nowadays we are getting pretty much cohesive to them. But what if these tech tools derail from their track? It often leads to a chaos and irregularity.

Epson Printer Not Printing

This article is going to deal with such circumstances. Basically here we would be guiding you regarding Epson Printer Not Printing Properly. So we will highlight all the situations regarding this as well as their probable solutions.

What are the reasons behind Epson Printer Not Printing Properly?

  1. Maybe the USB cable connected with printers not properly inserted in the respective ports.
  2. Network fluctuations in the router can create Wi-Fi issues.
  3. Maybe the model of your Epson printer is not set as the default printer on your computer.
  4. Corrupted or outdated printer driver has been used in your printer.
  5. The printer spooler service is disabled in your printer.
  6. Print queue is congested and obstructs to print further.

Following are the solutions to overcome from Epson printer not printing properly :

  • Check the connection of printer

Make sure all the ports are well connected and seated with the respective USB cables in between the printer and computer. As well as your printer should be connected with a stable network connection. And if your Epson printer is connected via a Bluetooth then bring your printing device close to the network horizon.

  • Choose your Epson printer model as a default printer

Tap Windows key and R simultaneously to enter the Run dialog box. Enter “control” and hit the Enter tab in your keyboard. Then tap on Devices and Printers and select the model of your printer. Right-click on it and settle it as your default printer.

  • Update your printer drivers

Update all the Epson printer drivers with the latest versions as well as it is always suggested to install printer drivers from the official manufacturer’s website in order to avoid any technical glitch.

  • Enable the printer spooler service

Spooler’s objective is to maintain a well-connected communication between printer and computer. That’s why it should be turned on.

  • Clear the print queue of printer

Sometimes the jobs in print queue gets congested leading to obstruction in the operation. Thus keep your print queue clear so that you can easily access your printer.

Epson Printer Support

So the above-mentioned solutions are definitely gonna work for you. But still, if you face any issue you can easily connect with the customer service team of Epson. The experts will guide you with the best possible solutions and hence make your issue settled.

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