Email IMAP POP And SMTP Settings is one of the fastest and most secure email programs that lets you send and receive emails, documents, documents, photos, and videos from around the world. Thanks to its user-friendly website features and features, email services are gaining popularity by more than one million customers worldwide.

During the configuration of your email account, you have to enter some important information/details like Suddenlink IMAP (POP) settings, Suddenlink SMTP settings, User, etc. while entering the same. Without proper Suddenlink email settings, you will not be able to access your Suddenlink email on various devices or email clients such as Android, iPhone, Outlook, etc. Read the article below to get the understanding steps for Email IMAP POP And SMTP Outlook and iPhone Settings in a few minutes without any hassle.

Suddenlink SMTP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

  • SMTP server account type: SMTP
  • SMTP user name: Your full Mail email address.
  • SMTP password: Your Suddenlink Mail password
  • SMTP hostname:
  • SMTP port: 25
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: NO

Suddenlink POP Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

  • IMAP server account type: POP
  • IMAP user name: Your full Suddenlink Mail email address.
  • IMAP password: Your Suddenlink Mail password
  • IMAP hostname:
  • IMAP port: 110
  • IMAP TLS/SSL required: NO

Another advantage of Suddenlink is that you can configure an email account in Microsoft Outlook. By doing this you can access many email addresses with the same email ID. So first start integrating Suddenlink into Microsoft Outlook without any problems as we take a step by step to explain how to set up a Suddenlink server. You can change or change the Suddenlink.Net email settings manually.

Steps to Configure Suddenlink Email on Outlook Account

  • Browse to your Outlook account, open it, and select File.
  • Then click the Add Account and select Manual Setup or Additional Server Types.
  • In the next step, click Next to select POP or IMAP and then click Next.
  • Then enter the given information
  • User Name will be your Suddenlink email address is Your email address, Password will be same as of Your Suddenlink email account password Account type should be POP3 or IMAP, Incoming Mail Server (IMAP or POP3) would be or and Outgoing Mail Service (SMTP) is
  • Once you entered all the provided details then you need to click on more Settings.
  • Now, on the Outgoing Server tab, the option, which says My outgoing server requires authentication.
  • Under advanced tab, you need to enter server port numbers and go to the Incoming Server (IMAP): 143 or Incoming Server (POP3): 11 Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25 or 587
  • Now, click on Next and save the account settings.

Hope this article is helpful If you face any kind of hassle during the configuration process of email server settings you can ask on comment section.

Fixes To Resolve AOL Working On iPhone issue

iPhone users get trapped with the various AOL errors, and the AOL not working on iPhone is one of those. So let’s start and try to solve AOL that does not work on the iPhone issue with these simple methods below. Beginners:

There may be many reasons why AOL mail does not work. Therefore, below we correctly mentioned the main possible reasons behind AOL not working on iPhone Therefore, scroll down and check the information discussed below.

  • Bad internet connection leads to AOL not working on iPhone issue.
  • An obsolete version of AOL.
  • Incorrect username and password cause this problem

Ways to Resolve AOL Not Working On iPhone

These are some problems that lead to this issue here are some of the fixes to resolve it.

Update Network Settings

  • First, Open settings now click on the general settings.
  • Scroll the following page until you get the “Reset” option and click it.
  • Select the option “Reset Network Settings” and confirm your action.
  • Your network settings have been reset, now restart your iPhone.

Remove AOL your Account and Add It Back

Removing your Account and Adding It Back refresh your account, and you will be able to get new mail on all your devices quickly. Through these steps, you can remove and add your AOL account and log into your account again.

Steps To remove your AOL account

  • First, go to settings.
  • Now find Accounts and passwords option and open it.
  • From the list of accounts select the account which you want to remove.
  • As you locate AOL mail you will see the “Delete Account” option click on it.

Steps To add your AOL account

  • Go to settings.
  • Now go to accounts and passwords option
  • From the open list now select “Add Account” option.
  • Now sign in using your credentials.

Set Up 2-step Verification of AOL

Sometimes if you have not enabled the 2-step verification process for your AOL account, this may lead to the reason for AOL not working on iPhone

  • Visit the Account security page of the AOL mail on your device
  • Click on the option “Manage” and make sure that your 2-step verification process is turned on.
  • Select the Connect App option, select your iOS email application, and also select your iOS device.

Being unable to access your email account is certainly frustrating, but it also impedes their email users everywhere at any time. When you rely on your mobile email application for your service, it can be very frustrating if you do not receive or send any mail or even do not enter your mailbox. If you are experiencing AOl not working on iPhone issue then hope this article only fits your needs.If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to leave your opinion below.

AOL Not Receiving Emails? Fixes To Resolve The Issue

One of the main reasons why you did not receive the email in your AOL email account is because of the third-party email client configuration. example apps and mail on your phone.

Other reasons why AOL not receiving emails are some incorrect settings or sometimes mail server problems. In the event of a problem user can do nothing but some manual changes. Using the following procedure to resolve AOL not sending and receiving email issues. All the steps are easy to follow and perform, no technical skills are required.

Troubleshooting Steps For AOL Not Receiving Emails issue

Check your server status

There might be a problem with the server not receiving mail from AOL. If your server is up to date or fast, you will not be able to receive new emails from your AOL account.In this case, you should expect the server in your area to work fine, You can contact the AOL team directly or visit the detector website to check the status of the server.

Check Spam / Junk Folders

To prevent any data abuse Sometimes, multiple emails are sent to a Spam or Trash folder . If you are sure that the email should not be in the spam or junk folder, you can take the following steps to prevent the spam folder from being blocked.

  • You have to make sure email filters are applied to the list.
  • If there is any, delete them, now you may be able to receive emails.
  • Check the boxes which is against the email that you’re sure that are not spam,
  • Select the button “No spam”.

Use Browser on Incognito Mode

In Case you have already tried all the above instructions but still not able to receive emails you should try to use a new browser or incognito window.

Disable Forwarding Settings

If your AOL Not Receiving Emails to any folder in your AOL email, you need to check email forwarding settings. If it is enable make sure you must turn it off, For this you should go to to your AOL email settings.Click forward on general settings. Now remove the email address then click disable.

How to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Not Printing Issue?

Various branded printers are widely available in the market, making it easy to choose your favorite printer with the best features. Lexmark Printers is one of the well-known brands that produce high quality printers with amazing features. But no matter what brand of printer you purchase, some time the printer may encounter some technical issues.

If the Lexmark printer print, print blank pages, doesn’t communicate with the computer. And many other issues prevail. Every month we receive hundreds of complaints about Lexmark printer printing issues and we always try to provide a quick fix. In this article, we’ve covered some methods you can use when the Lexmark printer not printing.

Fixes For Lexmark printer Not Printing Issue

Here I will describe the Lexmark printer factors that will not be printed and the troubleshooting tips.

1. Check If printer is correctly connected

Sometimes if there is a problem with the connection between your Lexmark printer and the computer, it will not be printed. First of all, check how the printer is connected. Is it connected by cable or wireless? If it is connected to a USB cable, disconnect the cable and reconnect it. Once you set up the printer, restart this computer. If it is connected to the telephone, make sure the internet is working properly. Also, check if the printer is able to connect to your wireless network, and launch your device.

2. Uninstall your Printer and then Re-install

Uninstalling and reinstalling the printer is one of the ways to solve the problem of Lexmark printer not printing efficiently. The computer control panel can be used to effectively address the problem by following these steps:

  • Type settings In the Windows 10 search box lick Settings.
  • Now click on devices.
  • From the left menu select Printers and Scanner option.
  • Now select the printer you want to remove or uninstall then click on uninstall.

3. Update Printer Drivers

The Lexmark printer driver update can be done manually or automatically. Updating drivers to maintain and operate the Lexmark printer is an important process

Download and install the driver update. This process requires patience, time, and the effective use of computer skills.

The process requires users to visit Lexmark’s official website to download the driver by searching for drivers on the Download Printer download page.

The Lexmark Driver and Software has been provided on the website from where the users can download and correct the driver selection to the latest drivers.


  • Visit this website to download Lexmark printer driver.
  • Here you have to add your printer model no. Select from suggestions.
  • Choose your operating system whether it is Windows / MAC / Linux.
  • Next choose the version of your operating system then select language.
  • At the end click on submit.

Automatic- For Automatic process download any third-party printer driver software that can solve the problem of Lexmark printer not printing issue, You can move the drivers on the Google Lexmark printer or you can get in touch with us to get help.

4. Restart Print spooler service

  • Open run box by pressing windows key + R.
  • Here you have to Type services.msc
  • Inside all the services find out Print Spooler
  • Once you find it right lick on it and click on stop.
  • Again open the run box by pressing Windows + R paste this text C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS inside it then click OK.
  • Now delete all the printer folders and Files.
  • Unplug the printer and restart your Print Spooler service again.

If you are having printing problems with only one program, check for updates or bug fixes for this application or Microsoft offers an automated troubleshooting tool which is available for free download from its website, which may help identify and troubleshoot your reason behind Lexmark printer not printing problem.

Dropbox Not Syncing? How To Fix

Dropbox is one of the useful services for users who want to save and backup their important files in the Cloud.Unfortunately, Dropbox does have one major drawback. The synchronization mechanism that makes sure that the local and cloud files are the same and up to date may fail. In this case, the cloud files will not sync to your computer. This is a minor but annoying issue, especially if you’re using Dropbox to collaborate with others, or if you’re working on the same file from multiple devices.

Why Dropbox not syncing issue arises, Reasons may include the use of a file with the same name, incompatible character files, antivirus software, incorrect configurations and configuration errors, firewall problems, proxy settings, and so on.
let’s take a look at some potential solutions for when your Dropbox not syncing.

Solutions To Resolve Dropbox Not Syncing Issue

Delete the Temp Folder

When you try to sync data or folders, some files are stored in a temporary folder, and when the contents of the Temp folder are corrupted, this can affect the entire process.

  • To combat this scenario, follow these steps:
  • Press Windows Key + R to open the dialog box.
  • Here you need to type %Temp% in this path remove all th contents of the Temp data.

Check the Dropbox process

If the Dropbox process does not respond or does not work, your Dropbox application will stop working. In this case, you need to check the Dropbox process, then finish the task or restart the app.

  • Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • On the Process tab, in the list, find the Dropbox process and complete this task or restart the application.
  • If Dropbox is present, right-click it and select Finish Task

Restart the Sync

  • Right-click on the Dropbox icon in the system tray, click on your profile picture and select the Pause sync option here.
  • Now wait for some moments, then repeat the same steps and click on Resume Sync.
  • This can help you quickly start the sync process and also fix Dropbox by not connecting the problem for you.

Clear Dropbox Caches

Full Dropbox caches is another reason to cause Dropbox not syncing, you can try clearing caches by following below steps:

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Open Dropbox folder and .dropbox.cache. Or by typing% HOMEPATH% \ Dropbox \ .dropbox.cache in the search box.
  • Now Press Ctrl+A and Delete to remove everything from folder.

Un-link Dropbox

It can happen that your Dropbox settings are corrupted. One of the most effective ways to resolve this issue is to un-link your computer from your Dropbox account and link it again. In this way, the settings will be reset and the problem can be resolved.

  • If Dropbox is not present or you have completed the task, restart it with the desktop icon or menu item.
  • Click your name on the top of each page to open the account menu.
  • In the Devices section, click the X next to the name of your computer to turn it off.
  • To connect your computer to your Dropbox account, just sign in with your desktop client.
  • You must do everything for you when you log in for the first time.

In most cases, one of these steps will remove Dropbox not syncing issue. If you have any issue like fix file sync or other mailbox issues you’ve encountered? Tell us about them in the comments below!

How To Fix Adobe Reader Not Working On Windows

How to Resolve the Issue: When Adobe Reader Not Working?

Adobe reader has become a very important part of daily life because most of the people prefer documents in PDF mode and it is only available in adobe reader in the best way. Adobe reader has made through very complex coding by talented developers, for this reason, it is very compact and users can operate with windows 7, 8, and Windows 10. But, sometimes, users face trouble with adobe reader and searching instant solutions so if your Adobe Reader not working in any mode so don’t worry because here you will get accurate information about it and you can easily access your PDF with the very frequent way so just see the below given methods for immediate solutions.

Method: 1: Disable the protection mode:

The protection mode provides a security layer to the adobe reader and also it offers a covering from all malicious documents to the adobe reader where they can harm and unsafe your location and files. But sometimes it can be painful for the users because it doesn’t enter any file after corrupted documents. If your Adobe Reader not working so you need to disable protection mode from your adobe reader. To get actual steps, just follow the below steps:

  • First, open the Adobe reader.
  • Just, choose the “Edit” option from the menus.
  • Then, tap on “Preferences”.
  • You will get a popup under the adobe reader
  • Now, select “Security enhance”.
  • After then, uncheck the “Enable protected mode” option.
  • Finally, tap on the “OK” button.

Therefore, restart your computer and open any Pdf which will be smoothly open on Adobe reader. After above-given efforts, if your Adobe Reader not working so just follow below presented another method.

Method: 2: Repair the Adobe Reader Installation Error:

On the duration of installation, adobe reader carries some damages files and after sometimes adobe reader doesn’t give smooth performance due to corrupted files so users should immediately repair through installation for better experience. To get solutions, just have a look below steps:

  • Just open your Adobe reader on your computer.
  • Now, click on the “Help” option from the menus
  • After then, select the “Repair Adobe Reader Installation” option from the list.

Thus, users will get the best features of adobe reader after repairing. But if your adobe reader not working after installation so just see another method.

Method: 3: Replace the Default PDF:

Normally, users take the experience of adobe reader through reading, print, and sometimes edit. After all activity’s adobe reader can be corrupt so users have to change the pdf into the default.

  • Firstly, right-click on the Pdf.
  • Choose the “Open with” in under the click option.
  • Click on “Adobe reader DC”
  • After then, you will get a fresh adobe reader.

Accordingly, Users can easily access the adobe pdf after the change the default pdf but after this procedure, your Adobe reader not working so just go with another method.

Method: 4: Reinstall the Adobe Reader:

Adobe reader doesn’t work due to old version, corrupted files, and malicious bugs and if you want to rid from all these kinds of things so just reinstall your adobe reader because this is only the way where you can easily solve an issue with very short manner. To get the reinstallation and uninstallation method, just see the below given steps.

  • Just, type “Windows + R” in the search bar of your computer.
  • Then, select on “Program” option.
  • After then, select the “Program and features”.
  • Find the “Adobe Reader” in the list.
  • Finally, tap on the “Uninstall” button.
  • After the uninstall, go to the official website of Adobe Reader.
  • Just click on the “Install” button
  • Finally, tap on “Finish”.

That’s all, now your adobe reader will work smoothly after applying the above-presented method after all, if your Adobe Reader not working so there may be some technical issues so on those conditions, you should take the help of experts.