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AOL Not Receiving Emails? Fixes To Resolve The Issue

One of the main reasons why you did not receive the email in your AOL email account is because of the third-party email client configuration. example apps and mail on your phone.

Other reasons why AOL not receiving emails are some incorrect settings or sometimes mail server problems. In the event of a problem user can do nothing but some manual changes. Using the following procedure to resolve AOL not sending and receiving email issues. All the steps are easy to follow and perform, no technical skills are required.

Troubleshooting Steps For AOL Not Receiving Emails issue

Check your server status

There might be a problem with the server not receiving mail from AOL. If your server is up to date or fast, you will not be able to receive new emails from your AOL account.In this case, you should expect the server in your area to work fine, You can contact the AOL team directly or visit the detector website to check the status of the server.

Check Spam / Junk Folders

To prevent any data abuse Sometimes, multiple emails are sent to a Spam or Trash folder . If you are sure that the email should not be in the spam or junk folder, you can take the following steps to prevent the spam folder from being blocked.

  • You have to make sure email filters are applied to the list.
  • If there is any, delete them, now you may be able to receive emails.
  • Check the boxes which is against the email that you’re sure that are not spam,
  • Select the button “No spam”.

Use Browser on Incognito Mode

In Case you have already tried all the above instructions but still not able to receive emails you should try to use a new browser or incognito window.

Disable Forwarding Settings

If your AOL Not Receiving Emails to any folder in your AOL email, you need to check email forwarding settings. If it is enable make sure you must turn it off, For this you should go to to your AOL email settings.Click forward on general settings. Now remove the email address then click disable.

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