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AOL Password not Working on iPhone

aol password not working iphone

AOL Mail app is the most popular web-based email service that allows users to fast sending and receiving email service. However, many users have been having some problems using the AOL application on their iPhone devices. So, if you are encountering the same AOL not working on iPhone issue, then don’t worry! Here are mentioned the ways to resolving this issue. So, let’s see it.

Ways  to Resolve AOL Password Not Working on iPhone Issue

Way 1: Check Mode on Your iPhone

You should check to put your iPhone whether it’s on Flight, You can easily check this issue of AOL password not working on iPhone issue with help of airplane mode feature available in devices.

  • The open setting menu on your phone.
  • Tap airplane mode option.
  • Try opening AOL mail it may start working as earlier.

Way 2: Check the Internet Connection

When AOL not working on iPhone, then you must check whether it was Internet connectivity or a WIFI issue or not. Then reboot your Internet connection or reset the WIFI option on your iPhone to continue working with your AOL email application.

Way 3: Verify for the App and System Updates

You should verify for the AOL Mail app updates, go to your iPhone device’s app store. Then there, check for any system updates, go to your device’s settings menu.

Way 4: Clear Cookies and Cache Data

You should clear the cookies and cache data by your device’s settings menu. This way will help to remove temporary files to aid in free up needed space.

Way 5: Check the Login Credentials

When AOL password not working on iPhone devices, then you must check the login credentials are right or not. Ensure that you are entering the right password for logging in to your AOL mail application on your iPhone device.

Way 6: Check the Two-factor Authentication Feature is Enabled

If you have enabled a Two-factor authentication feature on your AOL mail account, then try out to disable it, for the reason that many times the issue AOL not working on iPhone occurs. Some email programs cannot support two-factor authentication to signing into an email program on an iPhone device.

Way 7: Ensure Your Account Is Not Hacked

Sometimes the problem AOL is not working or responding on iPhone, due to the reason the AOL account was hacked. So, if you are unable to log into your AOL account with your present password or due to a forgotten password issue, then you will need to reset the password of your account by using recovery options and get back into your account quickly

Way 8: Resetting of Network Setting

  • First of all open Setting options on your devices.
  • Then go to the “general setting option” from the settings menu and click on the reset option from the general setting option.
  • Click on the network resetting option, network settings will be reset on your device.
  • Again connect your device to the internet or wifi networks.
  • You may see that your AOL mail service started working as previously.