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How to Fix Cannot Verify Server Identity IMAP.Gmail

Sometimes a user sees a popup window on an iOS device and cannot verify server identity IMAP Gmail of the iPhone serves. In these situations, no need to be wary, just find out the source of these issues. This is usually due to the mail application. If the body of the alert informs you that the identity if cannot be verified, it means that the mail server in question may not be valid by a trusted authority. Such an error message comes with two or three action buttons. You can learn more about the server by opening the details and tap on cancel to close the message without problem-solving. In some situations, the third option is also in use, which is called the last option with this last option you can close the request and continue using your account.

Steps to fix the error “cannot verify server identity IMAP.Gmail”

If you are using IMAP Gmail on iPhone, and facing the problem of using IMAP, you should try to reinstall the mail application or need to upgrade to the latest OS update. Still, if you are facing problem then you can follow the given below instructions:

1. Restart your iPhone

Reboot or restart your device. In this way, your problem may be solved. If you are using iPhone then adopt the steps which are illustrated below:

  • Press and hold the slide button and any volume button until the slider closes.
  • After that, drag the slider to turn off your iPhone completely.
  • Now, after a few seconds, press the side button again to turn your iPhone on.

2. Quit and restart the mail application

This type of error is solved by restarting the application. If you have newly opened the application on your mobile, then first close it and then restart again. If the user is using old or previous iPhone with a physical start button, exit the background application. Some steps are given, you just adopt this:

  • First, you should go to the home screen to start.
  • After that slip up from the bottom of the screen and then pause in the middle.
  • To find the message application you swipe right and left. In this way, you can check your messages.
  • Now swipe up, to close the previous message application.

3. Reset Network setting

If you reset network setting your recent network setting will also be cleared. If the error is incorrect or invalid, you can reset it and get the solution. Steps are explained below to do it:

  • First, you tap on the setting from the home screen.
  • Go to the General.
  • Scroll down and find reset option and click on it.
  • To reset network settings select the option.
  • Enter the password to continue.
  • At last, you want to reset the network settings on your phone, tap the option to confirm that.
  • After reset you should fill all the details on your phone in the same way as you did when you first used the iPhone.

4. Delete your Email account and then add it again

Many people face this error, in this situation, you delete the email account and add it again, you will get its solution. Some steps are given you should apply:

  • Go to the setting from the home screen.
  • And tap on the account and password
  • After that, go to the accounts section.
  • Then select the email account you want to delete.
  • Click on the delete account button which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then tap on remove from my iPhone to confirm that you want to delete the email account. The email you select will be deleted.
  • After that, back to the setting and go to the account and password menu.
  • Then tap to the Add account option.
  • Choose your email service provider.
  • And at last enter all the required options.

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