Fix AOL Sign-in Error

America Online is the name of a popular online service. It is often abbreviated as AOL. The company was founded in 1985 and is considered an early Internet pioneer, providing many Internet services in the 1990s including dial-up Internet access, email and instant messaging. AOL was purchased in 2015 by Verizon. It is now a mass media corporation. Some people are facing the blank screen or missing screen or some error while trying to login to AOL.

Fix AOL sign-in error

In the present scenario, email has become an important part of our life, without it our professional life is incomplete.AOL account is popular for serving the best email service in the tech world. Today in the corporate world people use to communicate through emails whether the message is personal or professional. But sometimes, users trying to login email but they are unable to login due to creating a problem, in such type of terrible situation users think that the AOL password is not working. But every time this being not the reason behind error comes in, it may be another problem because those users are not able to login email their account. So, today we will explain to you their solution to resolve AOL Sign-in error. You just have to read and follow the below steps properly:-

Blerk error 1: Authentication error

Blerk error 1 usually occurs due to trouble in the authentication. There are some of the following series of error

ERR1100,ERR11O2,ERR1103,ERR1106,ERR11O7,ERR1108,ERR1109,ERROR1110,ERR112 etc.

To overcome these ERRORS

  • First, you can go to the chrome browser page and open it.
  • Then on the chrome page at the top right click more>setting>scroll down and click advance.
  • Under “Privacy and security” then click “Clear browsing data”.
  • If the above issue does not resolve the problem then Reset AOL Password to resolve the problem.

Blerk error 4: Problem in loading AOL mail

Blerk error 4 implies that the AOL mail is unable to load. The following error occurs

ERR1801,ERR101,ERR125,ERR136 and ERR140.

To resolve these error

  • Restart the browser that you are using, then try to start it again and then log in to
  • If the same error occurs to change the browser privacy setting.
  • If it doesn’t woks change the firewall setting in the control panel.

GAH error 7: Unable to load AOL mailbox

This error occurs due to a disabled javascript in your browser. To resolve this issue enable javaScript and cookies in your browser.

If you are using the chrome browser there are the steps to enable JavaScript and cookies.

  • First, open chrome.
  • At the top right click more settings.
  • Then under “privacy and security” click site setting >click cookies>turn on cookies >turn on cookies: next to “blocked” >turn on the switch.
  • Now in site setting under “privacy and security” click on JavaScript>turn on JavaScript.
  • Finally, after applying changes to your chrome browser restart it. By doing these some steps you can overcome from your sign in problem in AOL.

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