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Resolve HP Printer not Connecting to Wi-fi Issue

HP Printer not Connecting to Wi-fi

When you face a printer network connection or WIFI issue with your Hp Printer, then you should not need to worry. The Hp Printer not connecting Wi-fi problem is one of the most common problems and occurs due to many reasons. Such as Printer Software & Driver issue, Internet Connection, Network Configuration, WIFI range, Device issue, and so on.

Therefore, go through the following given solutions to know about solving the wireless connectivity issues and errors.

Solutions to Resolve Hp Printer not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue

Solution 1: Turn Off your Printer and Router

First of all, you should try to turn off your HP printer by using the “Power” button and then, switch off your Router. Then you should wait for a few minutes at least And after that switch ON all the devices includes a computer, router, and HP printer.

Solution 2: Check the Internet Connectivity

Then you must try to check the internet connectivity cables that connected appropriately. Also, ensure that the Router & HP printer must be turned ON.

Solution 3: Check the Router Frequency Range

Sometimes Hp Printer not connecting Wi-fi issues occur due to router frequency issues. then keep in mind that router frequency should be 2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz and the HP printer must place within 30m from the router.

Solution 4: Verify Printer Driver & Software Updated

Now you should check the printer software and driver is updated properly. If not, then uninstall and reinstall the updated and latest printer driver from going to the HP official website to resolve HP wireless printer problems.

Solution 5: Remove the cables & Restart Devices

To solve the Hp Printer not connecting Wi-fi issue, you should try to remove the USB cable and Ethernet cables. And then restart the printer, router, and computer.

That’s is all about the best and easiest solutions to fix HP Printer not Connecting to Wi-fi Issues.