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How To Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working

Microsoft Edge-it is a web browser developed by Microsoft, initially it was only for Windows10 and Xbox One in 2015, then it was used for Android and ios in 2017and last but not least for macOS in 2019.

How to fix Microsoft Edge not working 

It is the most widely used browser however if one uses multiple browsers there can be a point that they do not face this concern but it is a concern if the users only Edge as browser. One might face one of the below mentioned concern

Microsoft Edge is opening however not working 

one can take the concern by modifying the Edge Settings or you can also to clear browser history by taking the steps as below

  • You are required to open the Microsoft Edge, towards the upper right corner and then click on Settings from the listed option
  • Look for the option Clear browsing data and from the options select Choose what to clear
  • From the listed options tick Browsing history and Cached data and files once selected click on clear in order to remove the same

Once above mentioned steps have been taken care restart your edge and the same will work

Microsoft Edge is not opening up –If edge is not opening up then please take the actions as below

Clean Boot your device –

  • Click on Run window and the next thing to do is type msconfig and click ok and hit enter
  • Now go to the services tab check Hide all Microsoft services and then disable all
  • You are required to go on the Startup tab and hit on option Open task manager
  • Select each time on the list and hit on disable
  • Please close your Task Manager and restart the device in order to check if it is working as expected

Make sure your windows are up to date Microsoft Edge Not Working

 one needs to make sure that the latest windows are updated if one has missed on some updates it can be taken care by doing it manually by clicking on Windows settings and look for the option Update and Security, in Windows Update section do look for the latest updates and in case if the same is available, the Windows will download it and in order to complete the installation restart PC

Reset Microsoft Edge –

  • Go to windows settings and then go to apps
  • In the Apps & features, you are requested to select Microsoft Edge and look for the Advanced options and click on the same
  • Now look for the option of reset one can select either of the two Repair or Reset your Edge if one choose to go with Repair it will not affect however if you go with Reset one will end up deleting history, cookies and any setting which is changed at your end  

One can even opt to create a New User Account Microsoft Edge Not Working

If above mentioned was not able to get the solution, one can end up creating a new account by taking the steps as below

  • Click on Windows Settings and then go to accounts
  • From the listed options click on Family & other people hit on Add someone else to this PC
  • On this page click on I don’t have this person’s sign in information
  • Hit on Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • In the given field one is required to enter a name and password for the new user account and hit on Next option

As soon as the account is created, just switch to it and do check if the concern is fixed and one can also the files to the new account and use the same without any problem wish that above- mentioned steps are useful to the users for fixing Microsoft Edge Not Working issue.

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