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My Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Get the Desired Solution to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Issue

You may be opening your Outlook account daily but on a sudden day, you must have realized that your Outlook account not receiving emails. If that is a concern for you for a long time then that can be easily fixed on an immediate basis. There is an effective and legitimate procedure that the users will get in this tutorial which will need to be followed by the users to get the issue resolved. But before diving into the fixation of the issue let us first understand the root cause as to why such an issue is occurring and then we can directly find out the way through which the issue can be resolved on an instant basis.

Why My Outlook is Not Receiving Emails?

There are some predefined reasons as to why users would face Outlook not receiving emails issue. Below mentioned are some of the root cause as to why this occurs into the user’s account.

Internet errors

It could be that users may not have connected to their internet as a result of which users may be facing such kind of issue. So users can first check if it is working or not and then try opening their Outlook account.

Mails going to the Junk folder

It could be that all the important emails of the users may be going to the junk folder. So users are advised to check all of their important emails in the Junk folder which may result in the resolution of the user’s issues.

How to fix Outlook not receiving emails errors issues?

In case the users are facing Outlook not receiving some emails issue then they can try out below-mentioned troubleshooting ways through which they can easily troubleshoot the same.

Clear the Inbox

It could be that users’ inbox may be full as a result of which they may be facing such kind of issue. Users can simply clear their entire inbox and again refresh their mail icon and then they should start receiving their emails in their inbox.

Check the partition Tab

It could be that you may have made folders for your Outlook account as a result of which some of the emails may be going to some of the other folders. Users can simply do is check the other partition folders as well and then the issue should certainly be resolved for the users.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails From Gmail

There is some sort of sync issue with the email account as a result of which users may be facing Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail. Users can simply do is check if POP or IMAP is working efficiently or get the syncing done effectively so that the issue is resolved on an instant basis.

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  1. I have just purchased Office 365 (Home) for my Windows-10 PC. I can send emails but I am unable to receive emails in my Inbox even though Send/Receive seems to be working.

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