Pokémon Go had got an update to the latest version since its popularity as the mobile gaming.  Due to updates, several players believe that the progress is affected, while according to the game developer Niantic, the problem arises because of an update to the Google Account login procedure. However, your Pokémon Go account is available still and capable to recover easily and faster.

Therefore, we are giving a few steps to recover your old account instantly:

  • Firstly, you have to sign-out of your new account if created before.
  • Then, empty Pokémon Go account through opening the app and later tapping the Pokeball.
  • Next, on the menu you can navigate to Settings and then Sign-out.
  • Now, tap on ‘Yes’ for confirming.
  • Further, you have to tap on the ‘Google’ button to sign-in back to the new account.
  • Thereafter, repeat this step 1 to sign –outback.
  • When you have signed out twice then tap on ‘Google’ again.
  • Finally, enter the Google Account username and password that you used them while creating your old Pokémon Go account.

 You find that when you log-in to your old account and in all progress then Pokémon makes all items and data restored in the game.

 If you are interested in recovering your old Pokémon account, then you have to follow some steps given above. To concise, ensure that you have to select the ‘Request Desktop Site’ in the tools menu in your web browser. In case if you are unable to reset the password from a mobile phone then you have to enter your that email address was used while sign-up along with an email that was mailed to. Under the email, click on ‘Reset Your Password’

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