Are you noticing that your Printer Printing Blank Pages? This is one of the common problems, but sometimes, its’ a very irritating issue while you’re producing or printing your important documents/papers. However, many users faced the same issue, also, easily fixed with simple solutions given by experts. So, this article will give you the complete information that how you can fix this issue with easy solutions. 

Why Does a Printer Print Blank Pages? What are the Reasons?

There are several reasons may cause the Printer Printing Blank Pages. Here are some of them.

Print Setting: – Ensure that you twist the printer settings as per earlier starting the procedure.

Low ink/Empty Ink Cartridge: – Verify the toner/ink levels to guarantee that there is adequate ink for the printer to use. Else, you essential to change the cartridge with a new one.

Incorrect Cartridge Installation: – Confirm that the cartridge is installed properly.

Clogged Nozzles: – You should need to clean the ink cartridges because Occasionally, the ink hardens up and starts to clog the nozzles.

Wrong Paper Size: – Sometimes paper size, orientation, and layout settings are not correct this is also one of the causes.

Printer Driver Issues: – Often outdated or corrupt printer driver creates a printing problem. Verify that your printer driver updated.

Software Problem: – Sometimes, printer software produces itself issue. To handle this, you have to use your computer’s printer troubleshooter.

How to Fix Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue?

If you facing the same issue, then don’t panic! To resolve this issue, apply the below mentioned following genuine solutions.

Solution 1: Restarting Your Printer

You should try to restart your printer again; a simple restart can generally fix common issues. So, follow these steps:

  • On your Printer, press the “Power” button and wait till it fully shuts down.
  • Unplug the power cable of a printer from the socket, then wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Then plug the printer cable back into the power terminal.
  • Now, turn on your printer, and then try printing various pages.

Solution 2: Verify the ink levels & Replace Cartridges

Check the Estimated Ink Levels

You should verify the estimated ink levels of your printer, without ink, a printer will not be able to produce a printout. You require to check the toner/ink levels to assure there is adequate ink for the printer to use. 

Replace any Low or Empty Cartridges

Otherwise, you need to replace any low or empty cartridge with a new one

Solution 3: – Updating Your Printer Driver

It’s conceivable that you have corrupted or an outdated printer driver. So, it advises you to that update your printer driver to fix the issue. To do this, first, you have to go to your printer manufacturer’s website and find the driver which is compatible with your OS version also processor type. Then download your printer driver manually and then install it. Ensure, don’t install the wrong driver, you may turn out dealing with system unsteadiness issues.

Solution 4: – Run the Troubleshooter for Printer

You can also try to run a tool to fix the problem by the following steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” app by hitting Windows “Key+I” keys.
  • Hit on the option “Update and Security”, and then “Troubleshoot”.
  • Next, pick your Printer.
  • Tick on “Run the Troubleshooter”.

Now you’re done.

I hope your problem Printer Printing Blank Pages is fixed now after following the above reliable solutions.

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