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Restore | Reset Google Authenticator Easily


How to Restore Access or Reset Google Authenticator Account

The need of restoring the Google Authenticator arises when we have reset the phone to factory settings or switched to a new phone, and thus may need help getting all your apps back up and running. Here we are discussing the best possible different ways to restore Google Authenticator on the phone.

Whenever you look forward to restoring the Google Authenticator you need to set up two-factor authentication in your account for this you need to download a backup key. helps you restore access to your account If you change or lose your phone or accidentally delete the Google Authenticator app this key or 2FA code will help you to restore/reset google authenticator and it is always helpful to keep the key safe as it helps you save time and recover access to your account easily.

Restore or Reset Google Authenticator Using the two-factor Authentication Key

  • At any point, if your backup key is saved, then download the Google Authenticator app on your device.
  • Then you have to open the downloaded app on your phone,
  • Afterward, find and then press the “+” sign
  • And now you have to enter the backup key to add your CEX.IO account to Google Authenticator.
  • Once done, you can easily sign in to your account again without any trouble

Recover Google Authenticator Using 2FA Code

But this is not the end, there may be chances wherein you haven’t saved the backup key but anyhow manage to have the access to your 2 verification authenticator code, just simply follow the steps mentioned below if the backup key is not saved

  • First of all, you need to re-enable 2FA and save the key.
  • For the same login to your account and go to Profile → Security
  • Now select the edit settings and Deactivate 2FA.
  • And enter your 2FA code to confirm.
  • Now you have to re-enable 2FA and save the key.
  • For that Click on Enable 2FA and Choose the smartphone app option and followed by downloading the backup key and saving it
  • Scan the QR code from the device and enter the code which has been generated through the app now enable the 2FA.

At any point, if you disable and re-enable 2FA, you will have to use two 2FA codes for your Google Authenticator CEX.IO account. Now you should delete the old 2FA code from the Google Authenticator app on your device in order to avoid confusion.

Some of the steps mentioned away are the best possible ways to restore or reset Google Authenticator in worst to worst conditions and the user can even perform the task at home, but at any point, if you feel stuck then never ever miss the chance to get connected with the super professionals and skilled technicians who provide you step by step resolution for every single glitch and provide you solution in a short period of time