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Skype Password Change not Working

Might be you are facing a crucial issue regarding your Skype Account such forgot password or someone fooling you around your account and want to overcome this situation and alongside Skype account should recover quickly.

Skype password reset

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Skype then sign-in.
  • If you are unable to sign –in then you have to click on ‘Problem signing in?’
  • Next, click on ‘Registered Email’.
  • Type the email address which was used by you while creating your Skype account.
  • Here you get all instructions about how to reset Skype password.
  • Now, move to your email account and open the email titled ‘the Skype Details’.
  • You find inside a special code that you can either copy or write down.
  • Further, back on the Skype website, and click on ‘Enter Code.’
  • In case if you left the Skype website to get to your email account, then simply follow previous steps.
  • Thereafter, click on ‘Already Have a Recovery Code?’
  • While the code that Skype sent you will only be valid for 3 hours. Until you do not reset your password within that time, you must start again from step 1 again.
  • Now, you can also click on ‘Follow This Link’ in the email that you receive from Skype to skip ahead to step 15
  • Next, click on the box titled ‘Enter the Code We Emailed You’ and type in or paste the code that you received in the email that you go to in step 3
  • Now, click on ‘Submit’, later, click on ‘Continue’.
  • Further, click on ‘Reset Password’.
  • When the new page appears, then enter a new password & retype it.
  • Next, click on ‘Save’.
  • You will on a new page, here enter a new password so click on ‘Sign-in’.
  • Finally, you got success in your issue that is ‘Skype password reset.’

Thus, you attained success in recovering with simple and quick steps! Now, your Skype account has a new password to use it again. Make sure to write down your new password so that you won’t forget it, and store it someplace safe so that only you can find it easily.

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