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Fix iPhone Error Easily

There may be various reasons due to which your iPhone restore process may get stuck like there may be some issues with iTunes or you may be using an outdated version of iTunes, or there might be some hardware or software issues with your device. But no matter, what is the reason behind the error; you can try some quick fixes mentioned below and restore your iPhone within a couple of minutes!!

Ways to Fix Error

1. Establish a strong internet connection 

The first and foremost step in troubleshooting the restore error is to check your internet connection. Whether you admit it or not, if the connection is poor, there’s no way you can troubleshoot the error using other methods. Hence, you need to set up a good internet connection to ensure that the restore process runs smoothly. For high-speed internet, you can use the Ethernet cable instead of a router.

2. Power cycle your PC

If nothing is wrong with the internet, try rebooting your computer. Most of the time, it is observed that a simple restart of the computer solves 90% of the issues. So, press the window key and shut down your computer. Then restart it again after 2 minutes and start restoring again.

3. Use the updated version of iTunes

If even rebooting won’t work, check your iTunes current version and immediately download the latest version if you are using an outdated one. To update iTunes, go to the iTunes menu bar and hit the help button. Next, click on the check for updates option and follow the prompts to download the updated version. If your iTunes is already updated, you will not get any update option.

4. Check the USB cable you are using

If none of the above fixes work, try using a different cable as third-party cables that are not MFI-certified can also hamper the iPhone restore process. MFI-Certified cables are compliant with Apple’s standards are used just for iPhones. Hence, you need to ensure that the cable you are using must be MFI-certified, or else you will not able to run the factory reset. Moreover, you also need to take care that the cable is not broken or faulty as this can also lead to problems while restoring.

5. Update your iPhone

You can also fix the issue by updating your IOS. To update your iPhone, just navigate to your iPhone settings and click on the General tab. Next, hit the software update tab and click on the download and install blue button.

6. Clear any other programs on Windows

Sometimes, security software in Windows can also hamper the factory reset process. Hence, it is advisable to remove such software. To do so, just press the start button and click on the all apps tab. Then, search for the relevant program, right-click on it, and tap on uninstall.